The Modern Web

Available from No Starch Press (print copy comes with free ebook) or from,, Barnes & Noble and many more booksellers.

All of this book's featured examples are available on Github, and you can download all the examples as a single Zip file. An updated copy of Appendix A is available, and more companion assets are coming soon.

“Peter Gasston has now done for the modern web platform what he already did for CSS: write a consult-it-first compendium of information for web developers of practically any skill level.”

— Stephen Hay, author of ‘Responsive Design Workflow

The Modern Web will guide you through the latest and most important tools of device-agnostic web development, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Plain-English explanations and practical examples emphasize the techniques, principles, and practices that you’ll need to easily transcend individual browser quirks and stay relevant as these technologies are updated.

Learn how to:

  • Plan your content so that it displays fluidly across multiple devices
  • Design websites to interact with devices using the most up-to-date APIs, including Geolocation, Orientation, and Web Storage
  • Incorporate cross-platform audio and video without using troublesome plug-ins
  • Make images and graphics scalable on high-resolution devices with SVG
  • Use powerful HTML5 elements to design better forms